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Laser Units

Laser units consist standard of two or three hermetical reciprocating compressors which results in a very precise temperature control and smaller starter currents. The units are operated by means of a controller with 4 text lines, based on an auto-diagnostic concept.
Software is written by a Thermotec programmer, specific software adjustments on the customer's request are no problem: fir. to start temperature or to cut off laser source. The water of the laser source can be warmed up by means of an integrated heating resistance. The half open system with filling tank diminishes the spilling of water (less evaporation) and makes water treatment products almost unnecessary (oxygen poor water).
Thermotec Laser units are built in order to make all parts easily accessible. The fan part (low noise) is also separated from the compressor compartment. Maintenance can be done while the chiller is operating. The units are available for 3 models of laser sources: 2, 4 and 6 kW.


  • Special software to protect laser source :
  • Protection for start-up with cold water
  • Level detection in water tank with warning before chiller stops
  • Control and alarm for maximum water temperature
  • Permanent measuring of ambient temperature
  • All material in contact with water is made of stainless steel.
  • Ecological refrigerant R134a (with balanced expansion valve)
  • Colour to be chosen by customer without extra cost (OEM)
  • Integrated heating (9kW) to warm up the water
  • Laser units can work at ambient temperatures as high as 55°C thanks to an extra large condenser and low pressure refrigerant.
  • Low noise (1-2-3 ventilators)


  • water filter
  • second display/display at distance
  • permanent pressure control