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DC H 2x4 with electrical cabinet

Main features

A drycooler is a water/air heat exchanger, which cools water with colder ambient air, moved by fans. For high temperature levels, drycoolers are an economical alternative for cooling towers because drycoolers work in a closed circuit and do not consume water and/or chemicals.


  • The drycooler consist of aluminium fins and copper tubes with a diameter of ½.
  • The small tube distance and the highly wavy fin surface guarantee maximum heat transfer.
  • The fins do not accumulate dirt.
  • The construction allows thermal expansion of the tubes.
  • The fans have steel rotor blades with a diameter of 763 mm and are directly driven by a standard motor.
  • The unique Thermotec suspension assures adequate vibration damping.
  • The air flows through a perfectly fitted cone guaranteeing an extremely low noise level.
  • Two types of motor are offered: 6 poles (low noise à 930 rpm) and 8 poles motors (ultra low noise à 700 rpm).
  • The drycoolers are constructed in galvanised steel and powder coated.
  • Compartimentation between fans is provided for optimal use of airflow, which guarantees maximum energy efficiency.
  • The protection degree is IP-54.

Electrical Parts :

  • for each fan, a working switch is provided.

Thermotec drycoolers can be used to cool any fluid which does not corrode copper :

  • Oil cooling of injection machine
  • Cooling of piston heads of HP compressors
  • Welding electrodes
  • Cooling of industrial diesel engines, etc


  • spraying system to increase capacity at peak load or high ambient temperatures
  • pump groups
  • automatic filling system
  • stainless steel collectors
  • electrical cabinet with integrated controller and display as well as heating against condensation